Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: learning to use HARD MONEY

Being a professional real estate investor involves many things. One major part of this role is to learn to understand numbers for what they are. Whether you are trying to

Learning to Prospect for GOLD on the MLS

When it comes to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and looking for deals it’s not always a matter of speed for when a house comes to the market. With a

Permits: Addressing The Elephant in the Room

Like no other time in history, there more real estate investors today then ever before. Real estate investing has been glorified all over television, real estate magazines and many books.

This beast of a house is going to be quiet the challenge to reno…but who doesn’t like a challenge?

Third accepted offer and this baby is a goner!

Join us on the second day of this reno walk though

FEAR: Overcome the Battle with Your Mind

If I could think of one thing in this world that can cripple a person’s ability to accomplish all that they have planned for themselves that would be fear. This

Your Home: Learn the Language to Safeguard It

In today’s world you can buy insurance for just about anything, your car, life, personal items, business and even your pet dog. One of the biggest purchases that someone will

Forming New Habits: Less Painful than You Think

Humans are creatures of habit. Whether good or bad habits, these shape our day to day rituals of how we act, perform, behave and think. Wherever you are in life

Realtor’s: Picking The Right One for Your Buying and Selling Needs

Whether you’re buying or selling a house for yourself or for your real estate business there will always be some form of negotiation taking place. If you’re buying privately or