Manjit Rukhra is a professional real estate investor, author, entrepreneur, speaker and coach. Manjit has extensive experience in business and marketing and is a strong advocate in the promotion of financial literacy. He has also has been a trailblazer in the financial services industry in his marketplace and is a proven, successful, active real estate investor.

Manjit has been personally coached and mentored by some the world’s best business coaches in the areas of professional development, marketing and real estate investing. Manjit Rukhra has made it his life’s work to assist aspiring real estate investors to reach the outer limits of their potential.

Real Estate Education

I’m ridiculously ambitious when it comes to real estate and entrepreneurship and I believe education, teaching platforms and coaching are the cornerstone to truly leveraging and living out a successful real estate investing business.

I have grown and developed my business on this premise and my primary aim is to pass down my knowledge, platforms and experience from my power team.